Integrative Bodywork

I have had a long history of body workers, when my 18 month-old elbow injury was gettingh worse I was about to submit to the western doctor. An hour and a half of Sonya’s very gentle CranioSacral cured it. The next session was deeper work that released surgical scar tissue and a lot of emotional energy. Sonya is a powerful, well trained and knowledgeable holistic bodyworker, nutritionist, and all around wonderful human being.

Phil N.

Integrative Bodywork

I have been coming to Sonya for several years and she has worked miracles! Her approach is to let the body tell her what it needs, and work from there, she has banished many an ache and pain!

Matt P

Program Participant

I have Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and was feeling very tired all the time, had gained weight and was experiencing tingling and numbness for about 3 years. Sonya has helped me so much with my health, my lifestyle and even on a deep spiritual level. These days I am seeing Sonya for bodywork and follow-ups on my nutrition. Every session she amazes me with her ability to heal through her knowledge, her healing energy and the care she puts into her practice.

Saba G.

Integrative Bodywork

For years I have had chronic back, hip, and leg pain. After one session I felt a little relief, and after the second session, felt like I was issued a body that I had 20 years ago. I keep waiting for my body to go back to being off balance, but it is slowly getting better week by week.

Suzanne G.

Testimonial from Program Participant

I did the 3 month program and it truly changed my life. So many people have commented on the way I look, and in some cases how I act. Mostly, I have been offered a glimpse into how good I can feel. Patterns have shifted. My mind is clearer and my moods more stable.

Jenni B.

Testimonial from Back To Living Program Participant

Working with Sonya has been invaluable. I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about food and nutrition…but was pleasantly surprised. I’m learning very quickly what works for me and what doesn’t. They bodywork has been an incredible journey for me as well. It’s a whole body and mind approach that has really resonated with me.

Greg L.

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