If you have more than fifty employees, you can most likely fill a dozen seat conference room with your finest that need our solutions.

If your organization serves the Autoimmune community, or the PTSD and Trauma community, you know that management is a band-aid; freedom is the only solution.

Have a Speaker with the drive to inspire and the ability to free.

Sonya has talked at venues such as:
Google Headquarters, Mountainview
YMCA’s throughout the Bay Area
The Metropolitan Club

Our most popular presentations include:

  • From Autoimmune to Energized. Be Autoimmune Free
  • Brain Works: Staying Creative, Engaged, and at the Top of Your Game
  • The Hero’s Journey. Transform Trauma into Empowerment.

Speaker Guidelines for Sonya White:

  • Every one of Sonya’s presentations is customized to fit the audience, including using attendees in the room’s experiences to inspire.
  • Sonya uses the extensive reach of her blog, email list, and social media to promote your event.
  • Sonya’s presentations are visceral and visual (No boring bullet slides!)
  • Sonya’s presentations are sprinkled with humor throughout; and the biggest take-away is knowing that freedom is 100% possible.
  • Considerate, organized, on-time; Sonya has the same goal for every presentation – to be the easiest, most solid speaker you’ve worked with, ever.

Presentation Styles + Flexibility

Talks generally range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Her workshops usually range from half day to full day.

What Sonya needs to be at her best for your event

  • Audio + Visual: When a mic is needed, Sonya needs a hands-free mic. It is also important for Sonya to be able to see her presentation on her own computer (or confidence monitor) while speaking whenever possible. Sometimes, Sonya shares videos and requires access to speakers. She also needs acces to a flip chart to illustrate certain points.
  • Surprise + Delight: Sonya loves to surprise and delight her audience. In her presentations, she often does “surprise draws”. It is important to have the flexibility and apontaneity to be able to execute these ‘surprise and delight’ moments
  • Attendees: Must have a minimum of 12 ideal attendees in the room, and the freedom to promote BodyGuides either in or post presentation.
  • Assistant: When Sonya travels with an assistant to help her with set up and audience questions post presentation it is important that all allocations made for Sonya are also extended to her assistant.
  • Post Presentation Break: It is important to have a scheduled 20-minute break after Sonya’s presentation AND a table area at the back of the room. This allows Sonya the opportunity to engage with participants to add value and answer questions/inquires.
  • Speaker Fees: Sonya’s speaking fees range from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the event and the level of customization desired.
  • Travel + Accommodation: The event organizer will cover the cost of flights, transportation, and hotel accommodation for the night before the event and the night of the event depending on flight schedules.
  • Ownership of Content: Any videos, audio, pictures, etc taken of Sonya at the event must have Sonya’s express approval prior to any form of distribution to ensure proper editing, format, and brand positioning.