Self Care Tool

One of our core values is that simple solutions are often best. Effective and accessible equals high health value.

These are my top 10 self-care tools backed by science, spirituality, and common sense.


Steps 1-4 take 20 minutes or less total.

  • Heart Connection with scientifically proven HeartMath physical, emotional and mental health. Steps:
    • Upon waking, place one hand over your heart.
    • Breathe in for a count of five. Breathe out for a count of five. Continue slowly breathing.
    • Feel safe in your heart.
    • Allow one thing that you genuinely feel grateful for to come to mind, and sense the feeling in your heart. This can be anything from the warmth of your bed to having another day on this earth.
    • Spend 3 minutes feeling gratitude, love, joy, and/or awe.
      Allow the energy to radiate from the heart, up the chest and head, around the body and heart, and back in at about the waist, cycling up to the heart and around in an infinite circle of energy. The HeartMath institute has documented this energetic flow to look like a double torus, as shown here
  • 8 ounces of filtered water with a few drops of lemon or lime for better absorption.
    Add a pinch of Himalyan or Celtic sea salt for electrolyte balance, if palatable.
    This flushes out toxins, hydrates cells, alkalinizes our body (anti-inflammatory).
  • Your safe-spot
    Feeling safe is key to healing and staying healthy. A designated area, no matter how small, can be your sacred space.
    Put pictures up of what you DO want for your health and life. Post three goals of what you DO want for your health and life. For example: “I have bountiful energy throughout the day.” “My romantic relationship is loving and fulfilling.” “I support my community to thrive.”

    • Calmly sit or stand in your safe-spot.
      Feel heart connected (Tool #1) Let your eyes softly focus on the pictures and sentences for a few moments. Close your eyes and imagine yourself experiencing your three goals – be in the moment with all of your senses.
    • Ask heart any questions you have. Heart is not wishy-washy, lovey-dovey. Trust quick, clear answers.


  • See and be in nature as much as possible. Examples: open curtains for natural light, open windows for fresh air, walk/ride bike to work, have your bare feet on earth, take a phone meeting outside, etc. Mark time in your calendar for local outdoor adventure: be it a city or country hike, golf, fireside story time, street festival, or sitting under a tree.
  • Take 5 deep breaths. As you breathe in say “I love myself.” As you breathe out say “I forgive myself.” – silently in public of course
  • Find peace in the truth with Byron Katie’s “The Work” worksheets
    • Judge Your Neighbor:
    • One Belief at a Time:
      There are many YouTube video’s showing Byron doing “The Work” with clients who have filled out these worksheets.
  • Music: Choose genres that keeps you focuses your brain during work, makes you happy during play, and relaxes you any other time; like Ambient, Classical, Tribal, and Instrumental. Avoid music with words, as this tends to focus the brain on understanding the song rather than being present for work, play, or down-time.


  • Reflect on your day for 15 minutes:
    Write a list of what you did. Put a star by the things that gave you good outcomes/results.
    Feel gratitude.
    Let go of what does not serve you.
    Make a list of your top to do priorities for next day (5 things maximum).
  • Stay grounded by sleeping on an earthing sheet:

Please let me know if these tools are helpful for your self-care.

To Your Freedom!
Sonya White, BodyGuides Founder