Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap ™

Do you feel exhausted, in pain, and defeated as life passes you by, and want consistent health progress and even fun every day?

Do you get overwhelmed by too much autoimmune information from everywhere and want a simple, do-able system, just for you?

Do you feel frustrated with your healthcare professional does not know more about autoimmune issues, and how to help you?


The Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap is a six part, consistent, clear toolkit for trustworthy and even brilliant navigation to a life of health and fulfillment.

You will get access to:
1. Six live group coaching sessions guiding you through the why and how of each step of the roadmap – all are recorded. ($1,500 value)

2. Guided audio recordings to experience each step of the roadmap. ($450 value)
3. Templates, including a Journal, and a workbook. ($600 value)
4. Access to the private Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap, Facebook group to share and ask questions. ($150 value)
Total value = $2,700

Three private consultations with Sonya White. ($405 value)

By the end of this six-week program you will:
1. Know how to customize your daily roadmap to Autoimmune Freedom.
2. Know how to quickly get back on track when life’s roadblocks get in the way.
3. Know how to organize, self-connect, and fun, every day.

Who is this program for?
Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap is for people with one or more autoimmune issues, and for people that suspect they have autoimmune issues yet have not received any diagnoses. This program is for people who know that they are meant to be autoimmune free. This program is for people who are ready to learn and consistently use the steps we teach.

Who is this program not for?
This program is not for people who do not have, or suspect they have, autoimmune issues. This program is not for those who believe that autoimmune issues are permanent, or that autoimmune management (rather than autoimmune freedom) is best. This program is not for those who are not willing and ready to learn and use the steps we teach.

When & Where:
Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap starts live, on Monday, June 28 at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Our one hour Zoom call will be on the same day and time each week through August 2.

Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Eight ways to benefit from this program:

  1. Personally fulfilling tools you can use anywhere, anytime.
  2. Mastering conversations with your healthcare team.
  3. Creating positive and productive relationships with loved ones.
  4. Trusting your food helps and satisfies you.

5. Understanding the history of autoimmune and why the health industry continues to fail us.
6. Utilizing your body as your driver to health.
7. Accessing calm and clarity.
8. Playing as daily medicine.

They type of expertise you are getting in this program:

I am an autoimmune survivor since childhood,  and autoimmune specialist since 2006. This program is the toolkit that took all of these years of personal and professional testing to hone into the essentials for success. If you are willing to follow this step-by-step program, I promise that you will have the roadmap for your Autoimmune Freedom within just 45 days.

To Your Health Freedom!
Sonya White, Founder of the Autoimmune Freedom Roadmap™ and BodyGuides™