Relaxation Gem: Eliminating Stressful Thoughts

When you want to let go of a stressful thought or feeling:
Step 1. Write it out
Write down the negative thought and all thoughts and feelings that go along with it.

Step 2. Breathe it out
Take three deep breaths. Breathing in for a count of eight. Breathe out for a count of 10.
With the next four breaths say to yourself, one sentence at time:
“I am breathing in life; I am breathing out shame.”
“I am breathing in light; I am breathing out fear.”
“I am breathing in love; I am breathing out guilt.”
“I am breathing in God’s/Spirit’s/Universe’s will; I am breathing out ego.”


Do you notice a difference in your stress level? Feel free to repeat the sentences as many times as you’d like to help let go of the negative thought.

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