Quantum Healing

Why quantum physics works for autoimmune and cancer:

Quantum physics has scientifically proven that everything vibrates, or moves, at a specific frequency, including  types of autoimmune and cancer cells. Here is where this matters for people with autoimmune and/or cancer: science has also shown that when diseased autoimmune or cancer cells  are sent the the exact same frequency they die, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. This process only harms what harms us, and is invisible to the eye – this is what Arthur C. Clark meant by sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic.


If you have one or more types of autoimmune or cancer, then you most likely know that symptoms do not stay the same, as disease progresses, more and more symptoms develop, and sometimes more diseases are diagnosed. This is very serious and scary, and when it happened to me with my autoimmune issues, it didn’t matter what supplement, diet, or meditation I did, my health worsened until I found and trained in quantum healing equipment, as I can check every few days for what negative frequencies are in my body, and then target them. I do not wait for lab results that only check a few markers, the amount of negative frequencies checked and potentially targeted are hundreds of thousands.


If quantum healing equipment helped free me from autoimmune, then why not only use it for health?
I recently interviewed a woman that not only uses the same equipment I use, she talks with many people daily on Facebook about the equipment. She can’t work, she feels horrible, and her autoimmune issues are progressing. Why? She wants a piece of equipment to heal her. She doesn’t want to change one thing about her lifestyle, though as the disease progresses, of course it forces lifestyle change due to lack of ability to go for a walk and otherwise participate in life.

Another woman successfully went into Breast Cancer remission while using the equipment. Four years later, she had a more aggressive Breast Cancer after she went back to the lifestyle that was conducive to cancer.


Believing that a piece of equipment is how you get healthy can disable your ability to be and stay healthy. Though some may say this science is magic, it’s not a magic pill.




What’s even better is that, when someone is correctly trained and monitored, they can use this technology at home, checking the bodies variable frequencies

we can find the negative frequencies using equipment right right in our own home, and then send the same frequencies, all within minutes. If you have autoimmune or cancer, you probably know that your symptoms may not be the same from one day to the next. These are changing negative frequencies that can be identified and targeted for destruction.

Is quantum health technology a magic bullet for autoimmune or cancer?

Absolutely not. If you are looking for one thing: one magic pill, one magic button that you press once to take everything away, you’re most likely going to be sorely disappointed.

A woman with stage four cancer consulted me, and at some point in the conversation told me that she had a piece of quantum healing equipment in her home for the last three years, since receiving the stage one cancer diagnosis. It had been on for three years, sitting in a corner of her home. I know the equipment


What is the most common issue with this technology?

(People not understanding how to use it, and people not using it effectively, and this is why I don’t specify more in this article. I want people to use the equipment effectively, and as it is intended. )

Can you search and find the technology I’m talking about? Sure.



This We can find   specific kind of autoimmune or cancer a client has, and when the same frequency is directed to the cell with autoimmune or cancer, it dies, which we want.

Autoimmune and cancer vibration that is specific to the type of autoimmune or cancer disease. frequency – they are moving and   and the frequency level is different for which is not visible to the eye. I get asked more about quantum healing than anything else BodyGuides provides, but explanations often leave people more confused. Einstein himself called parts of quantum physics “spooky” and rejected his findings. Years later his research was corroborated, though even physicists today struggle to comprehend facts.
At any rate, quantum physics shows that everything is energy at its most fundamental level, because everything is vibrating. Our chairs are vibrating, our healthy bodies are vibrating, and our healthy thoughts are vibrating at specific frequencies.
Frequencies can be disrupted, as happens with Autoimmune. For example, if a pathogen invades your body, the pathogens frequency can cause your cells to vibrate at the pathogens frequency, and no longer your own. Reverse RNA viruses thrive by infiltrating healthy cells, changing the RNA, which in turn changes the DNA. Virus DNA then replicates, making more of the virus, and the immune system rightly attacks and destroys it.
Disruptive viruses often take over, one organ at a time, one bodily system at a time, rendering those with Autoimmune more and more ill. It’s a whack-a-mole situation where someone is constantly having old or new issues appear because viruses move and replicate so easily.

Quantum healing has the ability to find specific frequencies in the body that are vibrating at unhealthy levels, and eradicate them. Healthy cells are not harmed in this process, only the pathogens and toxins.

The body can also receive healthy cell vibrations; these are specific frequencies for specific types of cells. For example, when a parietal cell in the stomach receives the correct frequency to function properly, then things like B vitamins can be better utilized for energy by the body.
Quantum healing also allows us to resolve trauma via spacetime, and thereby correct a negative frequency into a positive frequency. By nature humans are positive in frequency. When a trauma occurs, the negative frequency disrupts our positivity. The subconscious relives the trauma until the negative is corrected back to the positive, because this is our natural, healthy state of being. Spacetime is not memory, and it’s not re-living a trauma. Spacetime quickly allows us access to the past, current, and future – physics has proven our multi-dimensional reality.
Quantum healing allows us to differentiate negative frequencies in our bodies via somatic dialogue. BodyGuides is the body guiding us, both in what it wants us to pay attention to via pain or discomfort, and how it wants to heal, which is often totally unexpected to the mind, and transformative. The body, and all of its parts, want to be in harmony, and is happy to tell us how to get there, so long as we listen and follow. If I didn’t have clients experiencing this phenomena over the past 15 years, I would not have believed it. I am humbled by the bodies ability to communicate and heal.
Quantum healing validates what many spiritual traditions have known for centuries, we are all energy, we are all connected, and light is the smallest, most potent form of healing. Many experience quantum healing as enlightenment. Quantum healing brings the most complex science full circle with what many find the most elusive and mystical.