Nutrition Gem: Protein

Most everyone with Hashimoto’s has more than just thyroid dysfunction. We have blood sugar imbalances like hypoglycemia and high triglycerides.  Chronic Fatigue which is largely due to adrenal fatigue. Another common issue with hypothyroidism is a sluggish metabolism along with bacterial or viral infections that damage the stomach. Our bodies need the greatest amount of nutritional value for the least amount of effort in order to heal and regain balance.

Especially when clients are in their first year of recovering health and wellbeing, I recommend meat, poultry, and fish. Why? Because animal protein contains all of the essential amino acids to easily create the proteins our bodies need to function. Eggs are also a complete source of amino acids. For those concerned about cholesterol causing atherosclerosis: cholesterol by itself does not cause plaque build-up. High cortisol levels due to chronic inflammation combine with cholesterol to form plaque build up in arterial walls. Anyone in chronic pain must address the inflammation in his/her body.

Fish and eggs provide a high amount of Vitamin D while all animal protein provides a rich source of B Vitamins: 1, 2,3,5,6, and 12.

Have 3 grams of protein per meal each day, and don’t shy away from the fats on good, organic meat. Saturated fats, or fat from meat and dairy products, are good fats when consumed in regular moderation. Trans-fats that are in most packaged products are harmful with no nutritional value. Coconut oil is also an excellent fat source that has anti-viral agents. Coconut oil is also a fantastic moisturizer and natural protector from harmful UV rays.

Our brains need good fats in order to function well. Our brains won’t stop thinking about dense protein and fatty foods unless we are feeding them properly. Give your mind and body what it needs to heal and thrive!