Quantum Healing without Expectations

My name is Brian and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the summer of 2007. I have been using a wheelchair for the last 2/3 years, i suppse you could say its been pretty aggressive. Walking was challenging after a few years, so started on 1 stick, then 2 sticks, and now i cant use my legs.

Personally i feel let down by our western medicine as i felt it has been reactive and never proactive. No cure I’m told, just told to accept the professional opinions of my various consultants.

For the last number of years i have done a lot of reading and energy work and i have come to the conclusion that working with my energy is my best chance to regain my mobility with a very good diet. One of my best friends organized some sessions with Sonya, I had an open mind to it and had no expectations.

I found the work Sonya done with me really great, excellent in fact. I’m very lucky as i feel the energy very strong and on the very first session I felt something very strong. I felt the energy on the top half of my body going back and over very strong (east to west) very closely together until it reached my hips, then it felt totally different as Sonya moved down my legs. The energy (sensation) was traveling down my both legs into my feet (north to south). I told Sonya what had happened as i really felt completely disconnected from the top half of my body. I was very surprised by this as i hadn’t noticed this before, when i told this to Sonya, more work was done on my body where then the top half was now in complete harmony with the bottom half of my body.

I found this experience (treatments) very good and totally surprising as I hadn’t felt this disconnection with my body before having done much energy work before.

A Note from BodyGuides:

We really appreciate that Brian came to the first Quantum Healing session with no expectations, and just noticed the sensations. Thank you Brian for your inspiring attitude towards healing, it is such an honor to witness.