The I AM FREE is a proprietary process that:

Finds the source of disconnection due to trauma, Reintegrates your body, mind, and soul, and thereby Enlightens.

With I Am Free™ you will:

Realize that your greatest emotional pains are actually strengths waiting to be connected. When put into action, you will be your authentic, actualized self, responding, not reacting, to life lived by design rather than default.

Welcome to firing any beliefs that trauma means eternal damage. Ah!

What would it be like if you were in awe of your trauma healing journey? What if trauma resolution paled in comparison with the level that you fell in love with yourself in the process? We do not long for a lack of suffering, we long for our authentic, thriving self- connection. When we objectively see our fears and utilize the experience to find our greatest self, we are liberated from trauma, and what’s even better, we are enlightened – yes, it’s for everyone!


  • 8 weeks of I Am Free with professional, monitored care and guidance.
  • Sixteen private 80-minute quantum healing, integrative bodywork sessions in the BodyGuides office, or remote via phone or video conference. That’s two sessions per week.
  • Foundational tools to keep you self-connection grounded and growing.
  • Suggested diet and lifestyle for the program
  • Email and text anytime with questions or concerns.
  • The I Am Free process:
    Connect what was disconnected, or disassociated from you, in trauma via guided, clear, objective identification of the event and of the powerful resources you innately have to resolve the trauma and stay self-connected.
    Guidance in discovering what your body is saying to you via pain, frustration, resistance, and more; thereby building a stronger relationship with your body.
    Reintegrate via bodywork that transitions often hyper-alert AND exhausted nerves into a calm, aware system that supports you feeling safe in the here and now. Welcome back.
    Enlighten your very own spirituality. Yes, I guide you in this process, yet you are the hero as you reconnect with the parts of your past, your bodies communication, and how spirit relates to you. When you know who you truly are, there is no need to disconnect and react anymore. You can lead your life as a whole person. This is freedom.

If the I Am Free Program™ sounds like it may be the right fit for you please start a free conversation with me now.

To Your Freedom!
Sonya White, Founder of I Am Free Program™ and BodyGuides™