I Am Energy Program™


I AM ENERGY  combines two proprietary processes.
The REVITALIZE DNA Autoimmune process: Clears toxins, Constructs your success, and Energizes your cells for freedom.
The I AM FREE trauma process: Finds the source of disconnection, Reintegrates back into the whole, and thereby Enlightens.

With I Am Energy™ you will:

Receive 24/7 healing for the issues undermining your physical health while getting crystal clear on your optimal lifestyle for real world success.  Realize that your greatest emotional pains are actually strengths waiting to be connected. When put into action, you will be your authentic, actualized self, responding, not reacting, to life lived by design rather than default.

Welcome to firing any beliefs that Autoimmune is a life sentence and that trauma means eternal damage. Ah!
If you have followed a Functional Nutrition/Medicine plan, felt better, yet backslid again, you know that 50% better or whatever percent less than 100 will fail you eventually. Autoimmune pathogens cycle between dormancy and DNA attack, leaving anyone, regardless of what supplement, stress-relief program, or other management tool vulnerable to health crisis. Total freedom is the only answer when it comes to healing from Autoimmune.

What would it be like if you were in awe of your trauma healing journey? What if you fell in love with yourself? We do not long for a lack of suffering, we long for our authentic, thriving self- connection. When we objectively see our fears and utilize the experience to find our greatest self, we are liberated from trauma, and what’s even better, we are enlightened yeah, it’s for everyone!


  • Six months of I Am Energy with professional, monitored care and guidance.
  •  Revitalize DNA process provides:
    • Clearing: 24/7 quantum healing targeting the pathogens that undermine DNA’s function – this is Autoimmune.
    • Constructing a customized diet and lifestyle for healthy DNA success.
    • Energy from your now functioning cells; freedom to live your fullest life.
  • I Am Free process provides:
    • Connecting parts of the self that have been disconnected via guided, clear, objective identification of a traumatic event and connecting with your powerful resources that not only resolve the trauma, they connect you to thriving.
      Discovering what your body is saying to you via pain, frustration, resistance, and more; thereby you become aligned.
  • Reintegrating via bodywork that transitions often hyperalert AND exhausted nerves into a calm, aware system that supports you feeling safe in the here and now. Welcome back.
  • Enlightenment Spiritual understandings, guides, and energy are accessed. Yes, I guide you in this process, yet you are the hero. You save yourself again and again; embrace what was lost; and know who you truly are. There is no need to leave yourself anymore. This is freedom.
  • One private 80-minute informational session on quantum healing.
  • One private 80-minute coaching session on your nutrition and lifestyle blueprint.
  • 20 private 80-minute quantum healing, integrative bodywork, and/or nutrition sessions in the BodyGuides office, or remote via phone or video conference.
  • 24/7 quantum healing frequencies specifically for you for six months to one year
  • Email and text anytime with questions or concerns.
  • Money-back guarantee on the Revitalize DNA portion if you are not satisfied with your results and can demonstrate compliance with the full process.


If I Am Energy™ sounds like it may be the right fit for you please start a free conversation with me now.

To Your Freedom!
Sonya White, Founder of the I Am Energy Program™ and BodyGuides™