Healthy Thyroid Center

Healthy Thyroid Center logoBodyGuides  (est. 2017) was originally the Healthy Thyroid Center, (HTC) for ten years, specializing in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves Disease. I changed the name to BodyGuides for two reasons:

  1. People with Hashimoto’s or Graves almost always have multiple Autoimmune issues.
  2. BodyGuides better represents my approach, which combines science and alternative, while listening and following the bodies wisdom.

    My dear friend Nan Budinger loved my work and happened to have been a professional business name generator; blessing me with the BodyGuides name in 2015, shortly before her passing. Changing the business name seemed counter-intuitive to me, yet Nan taught me the courage to refine and evolve.  To you, Nan.