Does BodyGuides accept health insurance?

Many Healthcare Debit (FSA, HRA) Cards are successfully processed for BodyGuides payment. We are not a part of any health insurance network, though we are happy to provide clients with a superbill for submittal.

Does BodyGuides have payment plans?

Yes! There are payment plans for every program, and reduced-rate packages for Integrative Bodywork.

Does BodyGuides offer free or low-cost services?

Yes! You can start with a free consultation with me if you have Autoimmune and/or trauma. Just click on the appropriate button found on our website home page.

Autoimmune and trauma have caused extreme financial hardship for me in the past. As the founder of BodyGuides I am committed to serving as many as possible who are ready for health solutions yet have extreme financial hardship.

I want to work with BodyGuides but my Spouse, or other financial decision maker, is not willing to pay. What can I do?

This is a difficult and common situation that I have great empathy for. Unfortunately it is outside of BodyGuides abilities or expertise to handle. Anyone is welcome to receive our free blog, and we do our best to provide both scientific and experiential examples relating to our offerings.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Revitalize DNA ™ and I Am Energy ™ Programs have money back guarantees for the group online participation. The client submits all of their completed modules and daily journals for us to review, along with our call notes on attendance. If we see that you have fully participated yet not gained
guarantees results, and in rare cases when a client is fully participating, yet not progressing after a few sessions, BodyGuides will find an excellent referral that may be a better fit.