Brain Gym Gem: Letting Go of Stress

When you want to let go of a stressful thought or feeling, try Hook-Ups.Relaxing beach with leaf

  1. Sit or stand
  2. Cross one ankle over the other
  3. Cross the same side arm over the other arm
  4. Turn the hands at the wrist so the palms face each other
  5. Clap palms together and bring arms intwined under and back up so that the hands are next to your breast bone.
  6. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth
  7. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel and let go of the stress
  8. When you feel a shift in your emotions and thinking, unhook your arms & legs
  9. Bring your unhooked hands right in front of your belly, just the fingertips
    touching the opposite fingertips, for about 8 seconds.


Do you notice a difference in your stress level? You might change to feeling more tired since stress is taxing. You might feel lighter and more energized.