Thank you for your interest in BodyGuides. My Mission is for clients to feel in their body and free.

What do I mean by “in your body and free”?

Due to Autoimmune symptoms like chronic pain, low energy, hormonal imbalance, brain fog and more, new clients often say: “I don’t feel like myself.” “I don’t feel in my body.” When dis-ease over-rides something as fundamental as our DNA, we actually aren’t ourselves. With Autoimmune, moment by moment, our DNA turns into foreign pathogens that our immune system rightly destroys, yet exhausts itself due to lack of effective support to eradicate pathogens…until now.

Due to trauma symptoms like: a hyper-alert AND exhausted nervous system reacting in negative patterns that create more suffering, anxiety and depression, new clients often say: “I have no idea who I really am, I feel powerless to change my life.” Trauma is not a life sentence of dysfunction and disassociation. You are your own hero.
With BodyGuides support, our clients quickly and effectively experience being in their body, free of thoughts, feelings, and toxins that used to take them over. Freedom means that you are living in a healthy body as your authentic self, and fully able to lead your life by design rather than by default.

You are free to be:

  • Yourself
  • A Life Partner
  • A Parent
  • A Friend
  • A Colleague
  • A Financial Earner
  • A Traveler
  • A Community Supporter
  • And anything else your precious life is designed for

BodyGuides Promises: Energy, Self-Discovery, and Freedom.

BodyGuides Core Values:

1. Anyone can heal
2. Healing is a Choice
3. Do what has Purpose
4. Be Honest

5. Creative Solutions are Simple
6. Grow
7. Be Curious and in Adventure

If BodyGuides resonates for you, start a private consultation with me now:

To Your Freedom!
Sonya White, BodyGuides Founder