If I join an Autoimmune program, how fast can I expect to start feeling better?

Most clients notice improvement within two weeks. Successfully resolving Autoimmune involves the body getting rid of pathogens and toxins. Most clients notice feeling sluggish for a few days followed by feeling much better. As more toxins leave and lifestyle changes remain consistent, cells have the support to function as intended; with energy and vitality.

If I join a Trauma program, how fast can I expect to start feeling better?

Most clients notice significant positive changes during the first session. Each person and session are different, yet common thoughts and feelings shared with me include: relief, awe, empowerment, peace, and connected. Lack of results are unusual. Adapting to the changes this program brings is usually the most challenging, yet rewarding.

How are your programs different or successful?

I believe that this question is the most important FAQ. Managing Autoimmune and Trauma, as many well-meaning sources provide, does not work. Most often management means a constricted lifestyle with mixed results, and even more pain and suffering. See the About section for more on my personal and professional experiences.

An essential difference with BodyGuides is that we give Autoimmune solutions by incorporating precise techniques to kill scientifically known and undiscovered pathogens that impact our very DNA. Herbs, supplements, and medications often result in pathogens adapting and continuing to harm.

What do you mean by “Living Autoimmune and Trauma Free”?

This means that you no longer have the pathogens living in your body, and you no longer have the trauma living in your subconscious. All has been resolved.

You then have the opportunity to live your life freely, as you would like

What if I have the financial means, but do not have the time to make office visits, shop, or prepare meals etc?

Peak Performance was created for the busy professional who is not functioning at the top of their game. We come to your home or office when it works for you, and set up your health plan into your life with as little disturbance as possible for maximum results. Peak Performance

Can I work with BodyGuides if I already have a healthcare practitioner(s)?

Yes, it’s great to have a team! BodyGuides often works in conjunction with other healthcare practitioners. You can authorize cross-practitioner communicating about your case if wanted.

Can I work with BodyGuides long distance/remotely?

Absolutely, for both Autoimmune and/or Trauma. Revitalize DNA is an online group program. I Am Free program sessions can be done over online video conference or phone. I Am Energy is a combination of Revitalize DNA and I Am Free.

Can I ask for help when I have questions in a BodyGuides program?

Yes! I welcome program participants to reach out for help with the program. My cell phone and email are made available, and I will respond as soon as possible.

How much everyday time is expected to dedicate to a program for this to be successful?

The minimum is: 5 minutes of grounding and self-reflection and 5 minutes of journaling.
We intentionally created the Revitalize DNA and Peak Performance for interacting with the program when and where it works best for the client.
Integrating the new routines of programs is often the most time-consuming, yet once you are in a routine, the time commitment lessens greatly.
We recommend setting aside two full days at the beginning of your program to plan and start integrating into your lifestyle. If you are in Peak Performance, BodyGuides does the planning stage for you, and you may only need an hour or two of integration time.

For Revitalize DNA, or the less expensive version of I Am Energy, clients require about 2 to 2:30 hours daily of utilizing Quantum Healing equipment. During this time you can work on the computer, watch TV, read, or do other light activities in the home.

What are the risks in working with BodyGuides?

After almost 15 years in business I’m happy to say that no one’s health has been adversely effected by this work, and the average success rate when a client complies with BodyGuides is 70% or higher, with success increasing the longer our client utilizes our tools

Many experience detox, or herxheimer reactions while toxins are leaving their body, and this can last for a few minutes to a few days, followed by feeling better.

Chronic low energy and trauma shifting into energy and emotional freedom usually cause reality and life to change, which can be difficult for some, yet integrated with the right attitude and support.

There is a money-back guarantee for parts of some programs, and if we are working privately without progress, I would suggest a referral and refund the unused amount, though this rarely is needed.

If this is so effective, why aren’t more people doing it?

Fifteen years ago Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine was Alternative Healthcare; now, thanks to consumer demand, many have access even in their insurance network. I have practiced the Functional approach long enough to personally and professionally know it’s limits.

Quantum Healing is now the Alternative that is showing much greater efficacy. I see consumer demand driving Quantum Healing into health insurance networks within a few years. We are here for those that are ready for freedom now.