Sonya White, Founder, MSHN, CST-D

Sonya S. WhiteWhen you want to know about the owner/operator/founder, what you most likely want the answer to is: What will I get from working with her?



  • Ideas. By nature I constantly wondering how to solve an issue, and when a solution works,  wonder how it can be improved.
  • Uncompromising. I have not stopped evolving this work until I found solutions for achieving health in ways that are do-able.
  • Implementation. BodyGuides and GetYoCranio are one of a kind healing approaches.
  • Touch. These hands know what they are doing; they listen to your bodies wisdom and follow the healing.
  • Compassion. GetYoCranio allows healing to be affordable, and BodyGuides is about meeting someone where they are body, mind, and soul.
  • Mindful. Curious. Solution-oriented. You may be entertaining questions, health goals, and health solutions that span from common-sense to never imagined before.
  • Thorough. If you are in a BodyGuides Program, you’re getting a thorough work up, focused attention, and a whole-being approach that many say they have not experienced before.


  • Your body wants to, and can heal.
  • We all need support on our healing journey, and we experience healing differently.
  • Healthcare needs to be affordable.
  • A competent health practitioner is perpetually mastering: listening to the client, science, and one’s own intuition.
  • The body clearly shows how it wants to heal to anyone who listens and follows.
  • Connect with Self, Others, and Source; repeat.
  • Healing is a simultaneous physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experience; varying in degree at any given moment.
  • Anyone can change, not everyone does.
  • Gather experience from old and new, and all along the spectrum of scientific fact to esoteric spiritualism.
  • Use the most efficient, holistic (whole) healing approach, even if it isn’t understood scientifically yet. Don’t wait, help people.
  • Healing is a miracle, regardless of how facts may back an outcome.
  • A good healthcare service is universal and comprehensive.

Street Cred:

  • Spent teens and 20’s in bed…sleeping, and wondering what was wrong with me and how I could feel better.
  • Ill health, and the journey to vital health has effected every aspect of my life.
  • For every component of the BodyGuides approach I have tested it, and countless other theories and modalities on myself first. I only say something is do-able if I’ve done it.

Formal Education & Training: